27 things to do before I turn 28

I know I'm not done with last year's list yet, but I'm closer than you think. I just haven't had the time or the right pics to blog about some of my latest accomplishments. In any case, here's this year's list.
  1. Go on a vacation somewhere new
  2. Go to Boston's new House of Blues
  3. Do at least one thing I'm totally afraid of
  4. Go to a beer fest
  5. Explore a new neighborhood near Boston
  6. Go canoeing
  7. Ride the swings
  8. Go to a hookah bar
  9. Watch a meteor shower
  10. Try water skiing
  11. Go for a motorcycle ride
  12. Make something crafty
  13. Go to a music festival
  14. Fly a kite
  15. Write at least 45 blogs this year
  16. Go to a comedy show
  17. Stop and smell fresh lilacs
  18. Invent a new creative cocktail
  19. Learn how knit or crotchet something basic
  20. Break out the clarinet
  21. Watch an old home video
  22. Learn how to play chess
  23. Get a new plant for my desk
  24. Bake and decorate cupcakes
  25. Wear a wig (and not necessarily for Halloween)
  26. Get in a snowball fight
  27. Complete the first list


Ashley said…
Awesome list! It reminds me I need to start working on a list I have very similar to this.
Amanda said…
what do you mean ride the swings? people like to go on the swings to swing but not ride them haha. i like the list. i know you'll get it all done. you got most of your 27 to list complete and i'm sure you'll get this one done or mostly done because you are so ambitious. keep the blogs coming i enjoy reading them.
Leigh said…
What an awesome idea! I love your lists! Let me know if you need help with any of them

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