Monday, October 11, 2010

Word doodle attempt

I thought I'd try something different. I've been reading a lot of posts by Peter DeWolfe and wanted to try writing my very own "word doodle."

I reached
for his hand,
but he preemptively
slid his fingers
in his pocket.
He hates holding hands
because, he says,
"we can never decide"
whose hand
should go on top.
I hug his arm
as if to say
"you're mine,
even if I can't
have your hand."
The wind is strong.
And chilly.
I squeeze tighter.
He looks down
with a sideways smirk.
"You know,
I'll always love you.
Even when you're old
and fat."

Monday, October 4, 2010


Because I love lists and stink at writing lately, I thought I'd come up with a list of random things that inspire me. Maybe it'll help me get out of my funk.

  1. The subway: I've seen pretty much everything on the subway, including mini break-dance performances, a dude's junk, an old lady playing a recorder (you know, those plastic flutes elementary school kids play in music class) and complete strangers falling asleep on each other (as seen in the picture above). There are a lot of interesting (and weird) people out there, and you never know who will get on the next stop.
  2. Dharma jam! I haven't been to one of these in a while, but they are unbelievably awesome. It's basically an excuse for a bunch of hippies to jump around and "move creatively through space." It's so much fun to act like a complete goofball and not worry what anyone thinks.
  3. Late-night/early-morning infomercials: There was a long stretch of time where I had persistent insomnia. I craved sleep, and yet as soon as I closed my eyes, my brain would go into overdrive. Many early mornings were spent on the couch watching infomercials.
  4. Western movies: This is an odd one, especially since I don't really like Western movies at all. They just remind me of when I was little, and feeling nostalgic makes me feel content and introspective.
  5. Empty city streets: I'm not a city girl by nature. I grew up in rural farm country, where cows really did outnumber the people. Sometimes I miss the quiet...and by quiet, I mean bullfrogs echoing across the pond and crickets chirping in the grass. The quiet in the city is very different. It feels eerie and artificial. It's in these creepy early-morning hours that I remember where I want to be.
  6. Dark rolling clouds: I absolutely love thunderstorms. I love the dark quietness that makes the day look like night. I love the bright flashes of lightening that streak across the blackness, and I love waiting for the rumbling thunder.
  7. Dave Matthews: Yes, I know this one is super cheeseball, but I'm OK with being a dork. I've been a Dave fan for pretty much forever. I've literally grown up on his music and feel like I've evolved with each of his albums. My favorite Dave songs are constantly changing, depending on what I'm going through at any particular time.
  8. Towering ocean waves: I love the ocean, and I love to swim, but every once in a while I swim out too far, and I underestimate the hugeness of the ocean. Feeling the pull of the current reminds me that I am so very tiny in the grand scheme of things.
What inspires you?