Monday, August 8, 2011

My journal has been hogging all the blogs

Although I haven't posted anything in FOR-EV-ER, that doesn't mean I haven't been writing.

In fact, I've been writing almost daily - just not for public viewing. When I first started this blog, I thought it would eventually take the place of my journal. I didn't realize how difficult that would be.

Try as I might, I'm just not ready to give up pen and paper altogether. I love my journals too much. I've carried one with me (practically everywhere) for as long as I can remember. So many intimate thoughts are tucked away in worn notebooks. Since the entries are mine alone, I'm able to evade the self-criticism and self-consciousness that can accompany blogging (even if Moo is the only one who reads this).

Sometimes writing just feels easier if I can make my letters with extra squiggles. When I make a mistake, scribbling over the words forcefully is much more satisfying than gently tapping backspace. And when I hit a roadblock, doodling in the margins usually helps me find inspiration.

But don't worry. More posts are coming soon. I'm going to start transferring over some of my handwritten entries to my computer.

P.S. Did I mention I have a new job??! It's been keeping me very busy, although it's not a very good excuse for my blogging lameness.