Sunday, February 28, 2010


The most delicious meal on Earth:

homemade pierogies sauteed with butter and onions;

slow-cooked sauerkraut

with bacon, Worcestershire sauce and caraway seeds;

authentic Polish kielbasa and freshly baked rye bread topped with mustard and horseradish. Yum.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Color-changing cuttlefish

Since I started volunteering at the aquarium, I've been kind of obsessed with cephalopods. This group of animals includes squid, octopuses and of course, cuttlefish. Here are some of the weird-but-true facts about these amazing animals.
  • They can change color and texture rapidly
  • They have three hearts that pump blue blood
  • They have a hard, parrot-like beak that releases venom (not harmful to humans) into prey
  • They have two feeding tentacles that retract into the body and then dart out quickly to capture prey (much like a frog's tongue)
  • Their cuttlebone fills with gas, enabling it to hover
  • They squirt ink to confuse and evade predators
  • And they're ridiculously cute
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