Gumby shares wisdom

Have you ever wondered why Gumby's head has that awkward cowlick? It's a wisdom bump. True story. The creator wanted him to have a tall, slender body without being a phallic symbol, and so the bump was born.

I feel obligated to share some of the wisdom I learned while dressed as Gumby last weekend.
  • 71 degrees is a little too hot for a sweater unitard
  • Union Square is THE place to go after a Davis Square run.
  • Kier Byrnes Freedom Runners might be the coolest running group in the city.
  • The wheel is the new plank. Everyone loves them.
  • Green food coloring makes everything taste better
  • If you wear a costume, strangers will cheer for you, you'll run faster and you'll get a lot of high fives.


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